A Personal Greeting


I just sent this card to Nicole using a program on my phone called Touchnote.  The app lets you create and mail a postcard or greeting card using the pictures on your device.  That side, I was (and am) really impressed by all of the neat things she does.

I believe this was ordered on Friday night and was received by Thursday.  I believe it was printed and mailed from the United Kingdom.

Acushnet Fire


I’m trying to take a self portrait each day, though I’m sure there will be days that I just can’t pull one off.  Today was almost one of those days.  It took a big part of the day for me to just get my fundamentals together.  With just fifteen minutes left to the day I flipped on the camera and lights for a quick shot.  So, in all my infinite glory, here I am, today.

My Local Library


I believe this part of Canton, Ohio’s library system is called the “Madge Youtz” branch.  The librarian informed me that it had only been about four years since they opened. My brother Josh told me the building is styled after the old airport terminal that used to sit nearby. A couple of streets over the road follows the path of the old runway. I think that’s a really cool tribute and a fantastic public library.

Be happy.

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